Animations for HLF Campaign

HLF –  Hørselhemmedes Landsforbund / The Norwegian Association of Hearing Impaired is one of the world’s largest hearing impaired organisations with over 67,000 members in Norway. The campaign ‘Headset Challenge’ aim to focus on hearing awareness and prevention in everyday life among young people. The campaign received a lot of press and reached over 3.5 million people. I made 18 different animations with the aesthetics designed for both gamers and youth in general. The campaign was customised for various social media platforms and was mainly shown on these platforms as well as some collaborations with famous gamers.

The campaign won two golden awards in Gulltaggen.

Creative team: Bureau, Maja Folgerø and Snorre Martinsen

Project leader: No Name Oslo, Aram Zarkoob Vaughan

Design and animation: Kristin David-Andersen

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