Exhibition Identity – ‘I møte med veggen’

The group exhibition «I møte med veggen", meaning "hitting a wall" in English, was a reaction to the partition walls in public spaces during the pandemic and explored how the wall as a visual object could represent something more than distance and infection control. The exhibition played with the expression "hitting a wall" in terms of a burnout, society shutting down and partition walls set in place.

As a part of the creative process, the artists provided me sketches from working with their art which I included in the visual identity by creating 3D scans of the objects themselves. In this way, the identity highlighted the blend of the different artists, their processes as well as adding graphic elements to the identity, accompanied by a typographic frame which works as an abstract wall itself.

It was shown at SORGENFRI, a multi-level shop space and concept gallery in Oslo and included artists like Olivia Page, Hlín Studio, Nebil Zaman, Ragnhild Nes, Frida Hansen, Richard Øiestad, Ingrid Bredholdt and Henrik Ødegaard.

Arranged and curated by: Hlín Studio // Julia Conley & Hannah Hansen

The exhibition was featured on Sight Unseen

Financially supported by Arts Council Norway

Photos of the exhibition by Sia Afsharian

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